Akshara means 'letters/alphabets' and Abhyasam means 'practice'. Together they mean "the study of practical letters".

It is a traditional religious function in which a child is given initiation for education. 

 Our beloved  Principal, Smt  DR.B.Usharani  whole heartedly   welcomed    the gathering. Our chief guest Shri L. Rama moorthy,Joint secretary of VES ,Honarary correspondent Shri.C. Krishnan  ,all the parents and children graced the programme. She spoke about importance of education. She said that children began to absorb language when they are inside the womb during the pregnancy. She said  that children can learn to speak five languages .

Our Chief guest Shri L.Rama moorthy ,joint secretary –VES gave a loveable speech and blessed the children. He highlighted one of the incident  from Prahalad  story, Prahalad’s mother listened  devotional stories and prayers about Lord Vishnu while he was in her womb  . It was the best example  of  how the children started the learning  process. 

.  Our Correspondent  Shri .Krishnan  gave special note on Aksharabhaysam . He insisted  the values  of culture to the parents and also asked them   to inculcate  good habits among the children and  he blessed the children with joyful heart.